Homemade, folk and surgical methods of penis enlargement

a man looks at a penis and wants to enlarge it

According to rough estimates, men all over the planet spend around a billion dollars a year on various methods of penis enlargement!

The market offers a variety of devices, pills, gels and official remedies claim that the best method to enlarge the penis is surgery. Every man is faced with a difficult choice because he wants to find a real method and increase his penis without complications and side effects.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that all methods of penis enlargement in men are conditionally divided between those that can be used independently, at home, and those that are performed by medical personnel only on an outpatient basis.

penis enlargement surgery

operating penis enlargement

As the male genital organ is about 30% hidden within the body, the most common way to quickly change the length of the penis is to remove the supporting ligaments. After making an incision, the doctor will remove the hidden part of the penis with the help of a special extender. The surgeon will then suture the loose skin in the pubic area. Such an enlargement of the penis by the surgical method will add from 3 to 5 centimeters (depending on the anatomical predisposition of the man).

However, in addition to excision of the ligaments, a plastic surgeon can offer other modern and effective methods of penis enlargement, including:

  • subcutaneous injection of a synthetic filler;
  • muscle implant transplantation;
  • lipofilling;
  • prosthesis implant.

Despite the fact that surgery is the most realistic method of penis enlargement, few men decide on such an important procedure. The reason is not only the rather high cost, but also the risk of dangerous complications (deterioration or complete loss of erection, infection).

Extender: a simple method of penis enlargement

penis extender

Extenders are the most popular and common devices used to change the size of the penis. It is interesting to know that these devices were used until several hundred years ago.

Of course, in the last few decades, the devices have improved significantly, but the technology has remained the same. The man must place the penis between special rings, which must be fixed with special rods.

The advantage of extenders is that they can be used without medical supervision. However, to add at least an inch to the length, you will have to wear the device for at least six hours a day. Some men say that expensive models of braces are comfortable to wear under clothing, even outside. Therefore, it cannot be said that stretching with an extender is a completely at-home method of penis enlargement.

The disadvantage of this technology is the possible development of stretch marks on the delicate skin of the penis. Positive aspects include the fact that doctors recommend this method as an alternative. Since penis enlargement without surgery is quite difficult, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that even after several months of using an extender, the result cannot exceed one centimeter.

How to enlarge the penis at home: methods offered by pharmacists

penis enlargement pills

Regardless of whether you use an extender or, for example, a vacuum pump, pharmacists recommend taking additional special tablets. It's not worth counting on the fact that the pills alone will add a few inches to the length and thickness.

Oral methods of penis enlargement can only be considered as an adjunct to the chosen program. As the pills are considered dietary supplements, not medicines, any man can buy them without a prescription. Because of this, many competing brands have emerged in the pharmaceutical market. And the number of Internet providers reaches several thousand.

Pills are presented as new methods of penis enlargement. Manufacturers promise instant results and a change not only in the length but also in the thickness of the male penis. A large number of fake drugs give the impression that penis enlargement methods using pills do not work. This opinion is fundamentally wrong.

In order not to waste money in vain, you need to follow some rules. First, before buying pills, you need to carefully study the actual reviews on the main forums. You should not focus on fake websites, which are quite easy to distinguish by the following features:

  • an abundance of pop-up ads;
  • the presence of only one page;
  • complete absence of negative reviews;
  • no real photos.
penis enlargement devices and pills

So that the pills are definitely not mannequins with harmful additives, it is better to make a purchase in large pharmacies. However, beforehand, it is still better to familiarize yourself with all licenses. Most officially sold dietary supplements consist of completely natural ingredients (herbal, animal extracts).

Manufacturers claim that popular methods of penis enlargement were the basis for drug development. But so-called "commercial pills" at best consist of sugar, starch and calcium. In order not to harm your health, it is still better to buy food supplements in pharmacies.

When choosing which method to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to understand that the pills will only provoke blood flow. With prolonged use of pills, the chambers within the spongy body stretch, and with erections, the thickness of the penis changes by 1 to 2 centimeters. In this case, the length of the penis in a flaccid state will remain unchanged.

To really enlarge the penis, you need to add more real methods to the pills (for example, using an extender or doing special exercises). The duration of the course of taking oral drugs should not exceed 6-8 months. Otherwise, side effects can occur in the form of an uncontrolled erection. It must be remembered that the pills only potentiate the effect of other techniques.

How to enlarge the penis at home using special exercises?

penis enlargement exercises

For those who do not know how to enlarge the penis, the old-fashioned method will help. As our ancestors did not have the opportunity to buy expensive devices and surgical operations of this type had not yet been performed, the only option was to exercise. Such exercises (if performed correctly) are considered quite safe and effective. To learn how to enlarge the penis using the old method, you need to watch a video or visit specialized forums.

The basic methods of penis enlargement at home are daily stretching of the tissues of the penis.

In addition, men must perform special twists (popularly called "rope"). To do this, you must first knead and stretch the tissues of the penis, then place the ring at the base of the torso (or wrap it tightly with your fingers). Then you need to gently rotate the penis around the vertical axis counterclockwise. If the penis hardens at the same time, it is necessary to remove the ring/open the hand. As soon as the tissues become soft and elastic again, it is necessary to repeat the exercise (twisting in the opposite direction).

A similar old-fashioned method of penis enlargement will add about 5 centimeters to the length of the penis.

How to enlarge the penis with popular methods?

folk remedies to enlarge the penis

Men who want to learn how to enlarge the penis with the popular method should prepare to take a variety of herbs. Herbalists suggest drinking special tinctures and decoctions to enhance blood circulation in Organs pelvic organs.

However, before starting penis enlargement with popular methods, you should at least consult a local therapist. After all, even completely natural and seemingly harmless popular methods of penis enlargement can have their own contraindications and side effects.

The most popular and effective medicinal herb is Ginkgo Biloba. The plant leaf extract directly affects the improvement of sexual function. The natural drug works by enhancing blood flow to the pelvic organs. A pleasant side effect is not only an improvement in erection, but also a gradual stretching of the corpora cavernosa.

Less popular in Europe is Yohimbe Bark Extract. However, this herbal supplement is worth paying attention to for all those who want to enlarge their penis. The folk method is widely used in African countries. You can buy ready-made peel pills or order natural raw materials and prepare the powders yourself.