How to enlarge your penis using folk remedies - proven recipes

Many representatives of the stronger sex are dissatisfied with the size of the reproductive organ. Men who have been deprived by nature of a normal penis size often try to correct the situation. But not everyone decides to undergo a dangerous and unpredictable surgical intervention. If you don't want to take risks, you can use folk remedies. Below are the most popular, effective and time-tested penis enlargement recipes.


A man tries to increase the size of his penis using self-hypnosis

It is believed that, with self-hypnosis, the male body begins to actively produce specific hormones and substances that promote penis enlargement. The procedure is not difficult.

At night, before going to sleep, the man sits comfortably in a chair and relaxes.

Then he does a kind of meditation: he closes his eyes and imagines that his penis is big, strong and protruding. The clearer and more distinct the image is formed in thoughts, the more actively and strongly the body reacts to it. To get a positive effect, you need to meditate for at least 5 minutes every day.


Traditional medicine cannot be imagined without medicinal plants, many of which are effective means of enlarging the male reproductive organ. You can change the size of your penis using certain herbal decoctions and infusions. Below are the best recipes based on medicinal plants.

Ginkgo biloba leaves improve blood circulation in the tissues of the penis

Ginkgo biloba

This unique relict coniferous plant is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce a large number of medicines for a variety of diseases. Medicines based on ginkgo biloba leaves, produced to enlarge the penis, increase the sensitivity and durability of the penis, stimulate blood circulation in its tissues.

The leaves of the ancient plant, containing an incredibly large amount of enzymes and nutrients, are the raw material for creating medicinal extracts and dietary supplements.


Ginseng root is the basis of a penis enlargement tincture

Since ancient times, the Chinese have used this plant, which has incredible healing properties, to strengthen the immune system and treat sexual dysfunctions. Ginseng returns lost energy to the person, has a stimulating effect and increases sexual power. When using Chinese herbal medicines, blood flow to the genitals is observed, resulting in changes in the length and width of the penis.

To enlarge the penis, it is useful to drink an infusion of ginseng root. Take 20 grams of crushed plant material and add 200 ml of 70% alcohol. The solution is infused for a week. The finished medicine is taken 20 drops twice a day 30 minutes before meals.

Thyme enlarges the penis if you drink tea based on it


To change the size of the reproductive organ, it is recommended to drink thyme tea. Plant materials are dried, crushed, fermented and infused. The drink should be consumed for four months after breakfast and dinner.


Garlic tincture stimulates blood flow to the penis

The blackheads are finely rubbed and filled with alcohol. The resulting solution is mixed well and infused for ten days. The hot drink is taken daily, 25 drops, for three months.

Wormwood decoction helps to enlarge the penis


Take 5 grams of wormwood seeds, fill with cold water, put on fire and cook for about 10 minutes. The finished drink is cooled and drunk three times a day, 100 ml.


Lungwort to prepare an infusion that promotes penis enlargement

A tablespoon of dry plant material is poured into a glass of boiling water. The solution is infused, consumed 15 ml three times a day.

Enlarging the reproductive organ with the help of medicinal plants has many advantages:

  • Folk herbal remedies are absolutely safe and do not cause side effects;
  • Plant materials can be found in any pharmacy, if desired, they can be collected independently in ecologically clean natural areas;
  • The positive results of herbal treatment appear slowly but last a long time.

When enlarging your penis with herbal medicine, you need to be diligent and patient. This is the only way to get great results.

Acquiring plant materials to enlarge the penis is a long and laborious process.

But it is necessary to take into account that changing the size of the penis with folk remedies has several disadvantages:

  • If the plant material is not in the pharmacy, it must be collected, separated, crushed, dried, which requires a lot of effort and time;
  • A positive result is seen just a few months after starting treatment, and for some men the wait is unbearable;
  • You cannot take herbal medicines if you have an individual intolerance to their components.

leech cream

Leeches will serve as raw material for the production of a cream that stimulates penis growth

Homemade leech cream is a very popular and frequently used remedy for penis enlargement.

To prepare the medicine, you need to collect bloodsucking worms near a fresh lake and dry them. You can buy medicinal leeches at the pharmacy.

Dry worms in an amount of 100 grams are ground into powder and 200 ml of melted sheep fat are poured.

The resulting mass is mixed well. The finished cream must be rubbed into the skin of the penis every night before going to bed.


A dangerous method of enlarging the penis using petroleum jelly injections

Many men practice old-fashioned penis enlargement methods, which are often unsafe and leave unpleasant sensations. A simple but uncomfortable and dangerous way to transform penis size is to inject Vaseline:

  1. The penis is secured at the base;
  2. Vaseline is placed in a syringe and injected under the skin of the reproductive organ;
  3. After the procedure, the skin is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Vaseline must be injected under the skin with extreme care and caution, if the substance is unevenly distributed, the consequences can be very serious. But if you do everything right, the result will exceed all expectations.

The procedure requires a steady hand and good experience, so it should only be carried out by a person with medical training. It is not recommended to enlarge the penis with petroleum jelly injections on your own, otherwise you may experience serious complications.

Doctors warn about the risks of using Vaseline to enlarge the penis

Medical experts are not very willing to agree to the procedure, as they consider it dangerous and unpredictable. Penis enlargement with Vaseline usually results in the following problems:

  1. The substance accumulated under the skin causes the development of a tumor. The tumor is urgently removed surgically. If you ignore the tumor, there is a high risk of becoming impotent or even losing your reproductive organ.
  2. Vaseline is a non-sterile medicine. Along with it, pathogenic microorganisms that can cause erectile dysfunction can enter the body.
  3. Vaseline can cause a serious allergic reaction, requiring expensive, long-term drug treatment.

Hanging a weight on the penis

Hanging a weight is a dangerous way to enlarge your penis

Hanging a weight is a specific penis enlargement method practiced since ancient times by ascetic sadhus living in India. From childhood, Hindus hang various weights on their reproductive organs, first small, then more massive.

This method of penis stretching is quite effective and can be used by both teenagers and mature men. But there is a big disadvantage: the weight can tear the ligaments in the penis. And if the ligaments are torn, erectile capacity will be lost forever.

Therefore, it is not recommended that civilized men follow the example of illiterate Hindus. You can always find many other ways to enlarge your penis.

Sodium bicarbonate

You can increase the length and width of the penis not only with medicinal herbs and complex procedures, but also with proven and old-fashioned methods. A simple and inexpensive way to change penis size is to use regular baking soda. Therapy consists of the following steps:

  1. A man takes a hot bath, steams his body;
  2. After bathing, dry well with a towel;
  3. Apply vegetable oil to the entire shaft of the penis and sprinkle a little soda on top of the oil;
  4. Rub the genital organ with a soft sponge for several minutes.

As a result of the above manipulations, the penis usually increases by several millimeters.

But it must be borne in mind that the positive effect lasts only a few hours. If you feel discomfort when rubbing, you can use an emollient cream.


Penis size that can be increased through exercise

With the help of intense gymnastic exercises, you can stimulate not only the trunk muscles, but also the reproductive organ.

The penis does not include muscle tissue, but a certain set of movements allows you to increase the thickness and strength of the penis.

During gymnastics, the man first stretches the organ and makes movements with the palm of his hand, as when milking a cow.

This type of milking usually ends in orgasm. The man determines the duration of the exercise for himself. The main thing is to stop if the slightest discomfort occurs. Before the procedure, it is advisable to treat the penis with intimate lubricant to ensure normal sliding of the hand. The exercise is performed for five days, then you must take a break for two days.

The next exercise is to rub the penis. The genital organ is placed between the palms of the hands and rubbed until the orgasm is felt approaching. But ejaculation should not be allowed. During the procedure you need to breathe correctly and evenly.

Gymnastics is an effective and pleasurable option for penis enlargement, positive results can be observed several months after starting the exercise. Age doesn't matter: exercise is beneficial for both teenagers and older men. But it is necessary to take into account that intimate gymnastics works better on a young body than on a mature one.