Tips on how to enlarge your penis using folk remedies

Penis enlargement can be achieved with folk remedies

It seems that everyone has forgotten about the power of folk remedies. We will correct this omission and tell you which recipes really enlarge your penis and, at the same time, debunk some myths.

The problems of small penis size have plagued the male part of humanity for a long time. And in ancient times, when there were no current surgical and pharmaceutical services, people managed to get out of this in the simplest way. Centuries later, they are already called "people's proven methods". However, many of them are useless and even dangerous.


Every day of a businessman is scheduled almost to the minute. Therefore, we have prepared several effective methods that are always at hand.

Infusions and fees

NUP begins to function only under conditions of good health and strong nervousness. Phallus growth is unlikely under stress. Infusions and preparations will help kill two birds with one stone. They improve well-being, relieve nervous tension and this contributes to an increase in the size of the organ.

We recommend:

  • ephedra + peppermint infusion– The preparation is extremely simple: pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, let it rest for an hour and strain. Take a glass of tonic, stimulant. Do not overdo the dosage, otherwise you will get the opposite effect;
  • motherwort + valerian– your strong nerves, restful sleep. Prepare one teaspoon per cup of boiling water;
  • jump– the decoction wonderfully relaxes the penis after intense training. 15-minute baths work wonders;
  • Hop decoction for relaxation after penis enlargement exercises
  • marigold, yarrow- concentrated infusions in the form of lotions heal any wounds (take 2 tablespoons for every 0. 5 liters of water);
  • blooming sally– will alleviate all inflammatory processes. Use 1 cup of decoction per day (1 sachet per cup);
  • A decoction of healing lemon balm tea will protect a man from inflammation
  • golden root, penny– increase potency regardless of age. You need to take 1 tbsp. l. , pour 1 liter of hot water, cover with a towel and leave for 12 hours. Take half a glass a day before meals.

Do not abuse infusions that work to increase erections. You will encounter something like priapism (a prolonged erection that is not linked to excitement inside the head). Our urologists say that vascular impotence with priapism develops even within 2 to 3 hours.

A few more scary observations:

  • ginseng– a stimulant for older men. It is not necessary until the age of 35, otherwise you will develop hypertension and insomnia;
  • chamomile, popular among NUPers, does not work against the background of increased acidity of gastric juice. Taking it for more than a month causes weakness and irritability.

Our opinion:We support infusions and decoctions with both hands. This is powerful support for the body during intense workouts.

Honey and soda

We know a universal recipe that increases blood circulation in the genital region, relieves inflammation, pain, improvesA mixture of soda and honey is a popular remedy for increasing blood circulation in the penisvein condition

Do this (preferably at night):

  • mix soda and honey (1: 2);
  • apply the mixture to a gauze bandage;
  • apply to the penis;
  • put on a plastic bag, secure with tape;
  • leave it to act for 10 minutes, rinse;
  • complete a course of 7 procedures.


The key to this topic is the bee sting. It is believed that shethe venom increases hemoglobin, reduces bad cholesterol, has a vasodilating and tonic effect. In fact, this is true. Melittin, an active substance from "bees", works by dilating blood vessels. But the method is problematic to implement and poses a risk of side effects.

We advise you not to take risks and take beekeeping products internally:

  • bee bread– leads in the amount of vitamins (C, P, E, D), fatty acids, amino acids, is a protein reserve, source of arginine for NUPer;
  • For those who want to enlarge their penis, it is useful to include bee bread in their diet.
  • Royal jelly– activates metabolism, kills staphylococci and other bacteria, accelerates growth. There are amino acids necessary for NUPer, vitamin B1, B12 and, of course, a powerful effect on hematopoiesis;
  • Royal jelly helps accelerate penis growth
  • dead bee– pure dead meat contains low molecular weight chitosan, drone jelly, propolis, wax, honey, pollen, bee venom. All components make this product unique - prepare ointments and tinctures based on it, get rid of potency and prostate problems.
  • Dead bees are effective in increasing male potency

Our opinion:Advanced NUPers are able to replace pinching - widening of the phallus with bee stings. We warn against such actions. A strong allergic response and Quincke's edema have not yet been canceled.After a painful procedure, the phallus swells at the site of the bite, when the poison is resolved, it will return to its original state.


It is said that this method originated in Stalin's camps. Sure, it's painful and unpleasant.

Know the procedure:

  • sterility conditions are created, including in the penis;
  • Up to 20 cubes of petroleum jelly are pumped into a disposable syringe;
  • the phallus is pulled at the base;
  • the drug is injected into the barrel, controlling uniform distribution;
  • the skin is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Our opinion:give up on that idea! Otherwise, the good surgeon uncle will cut off everything that is valuable. A foreign body will cause the development of a tumor, and this can only be resolved surgically, including through complete amputation of the organ. There is a risk of infection, angioedema - this is the path to resuscitation. We recommend practicing jelq, which is safer.

Vietnamese balm and washing powder for the penis

If there is a piece of washing powder on the shelf, it can be used to strengthen male power.It is necessary to soap the genitals and shaft well, excluding the head area, leave the foam for 15-20 minutes. When the foam dries, it is washed off with warm water. The process is repeated 2 to 3 times a week.

It is easier to use a ready-made product for these purposes – soap to stimulate penis growth.

Another option -Vietnamese balm. Apply to the trunk together with baby cream. This will increase blood circulation and support the effectiveness of vascular techniques. Do not forget to dilute the balm well in the cream (a match head is enough), otherwise you will feel a burning sensation and loss of sensitivity.

Our opinion:Don't waste time on washing powder, it's better to buy a good penis enlargement cream, gel or spray. We put Vietnamese balm in our NUP medicine collection.


In penis enlargement, sodium bicarbonate demonstrates antihistamine, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also work to lighten the phallus.

They do this:

  • take gauze, moisten it with water (apple cider vinegar will do);
  • sprinkle with baking soda;
  • apply to the penis;
  • cover with baking paper and secure with elastic;
  • leave the bandage for 2 hours;
  • carry out a course of 10 procedures.
You can increase the size of your penis using a soda compress


We like that the leeches themselves look for a "tasty" place where they want to settle. They choose biologically active points (acupuncture) where the Chinese like to poke needles. The essence of this action is to improve the condition of blood vessels and eliminate blood clots.

Practicing NUPers put leeches on their ex. It is believed that suchThe "leech" thrust greatly increases traction and surpasses the effectiveness of badyagi. Furthermore, the action of leeches loosens the tunica albuginea well. This will work when the penis is pulled by the pump.

There is undoubtedly a reason for this approach. Leeches actually dissolve blood clots and increase male potency. If you don't mind, you can accept it.


After drinking the decoction and removing the leeches, you can begin to take more decisive action.


With the help of physical education, you can pump up any part of the body, even the penis. Even though there are no muscles, some exercises give the desired effect.

Here are some useful practices:

  • stretching– manual technique, in which the trunk is stretched to its maximum length;
  • Stretching the penis will increase the length of the organ
  • jelqing– effective stretching technique that works to increase length and girth;
  • breathing exercises– the complex is necessary for maximum saturation of tissues and organs with oxygen. Learn to breathe from your belly, inhaling and exhaling deeply. This will increase the effectiveness of your training.
  • Breathing exercises will make other penis enlargement techniques more effective

Hanging weights on the penis

Alternatively, you can steal a pair of 500 g weights from the market, but in the world there are more modern and convenient hangers that work just as well as weights. This is a working method to lengthen the penis.

We warn: if you do not take into account the load, you will rupture the ligaments. You will have to suffer for the complete loss of erection.

Shamans will not help you enlarge your penis, unlike self-hypnosis

Magic and conspiracies

For greater efficiency, experts suggest turning to higher powers, supposedly the size of the penis can be increased with the help of spells, runes and other magical sacraments. Whispering grandmothers, shamans with tambourines, magicians and sorcerers are not our option. The maximum benefit that can be obtained from this action is self-hypnosis about the great male dignity.

Vacuum Cleaner

Another exotic method from our selection today. Of course, it is extremely simple to implement and its operation vaguely resembles a bomb. However, there is no room for experimentation here.

Believe meeven a low-powered unit will suck the penis and end in self-harm. Vacuum cleaner penis enlargement methods lead to problems such as bleeding, injuries and inflammation. With this bouquet you will forget about a good sex life and training for a few weeks.

Our opinion: Of course we are not puritans, but the method is far from hygiene standards and the very idea of a healthy NUP! Zooming in with a vacuum cleaner is dangerous. We recommend purchasing a good pump.

Psychological support for the right attitude towards penis enlargement

Psychological method and self-hypnosis

We are talking about the so-called NUPer psi support. As a rule, programs are designed for 28 days. At this time, you need to view and listen to the files (2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening), after which there is a two-week break. Then the process is repeated.

Support calms nerves, triggers self-hypnosis, increases self-confidence. During this period, it is best to focus on manual techniques.

Our opinion: the psychological method does not hurt, the main thing is that the headphones are good and the settings are pleasant to the ear.

Old-fashioned enlargement methods

We consulted medical almanacs published in the 18th and 19th centuries and found several original recipes.

Here are some of them:

  • self-massage– performed on a heated organ with stretching movements for 5-6 minutes. The technique resembles classic penis growth training and gives almost the same results. Massage is useful for the genitourinary system, potency, blood circulation, increases the stretching ability of tissues;
  • activation of biologically active points– a kind of shiatsu massage, only on the penis. Stimulation through light touch increases blood circulation. We know the benefits of a better blood supply.


Traditional methods are a good support for penis enlargement programs. However, we warn against downright strange methods of influence. Not all recipes are equally useful, and some of them can be harmful.