Intimate plastic surgery for men

man with enlarged penis

What is penis enlargement? For many men, the penis is not only a physiological organ, but also an organ that can change a man's character and personality.

Therefore, men who feel that their penis is too small can suffer a lot from this and therefore resort to penis enlargement.

In addition to all kinds of exercises, which very rarely lead to the desired results, a faster and more effective method is penis enlargement through plastic surgery. The objective of this operation, first and foremost, is to strengthen patients' self-esteem.

Male enhancement surgery takes a certain amount of time and is performed under general anesthesia.

Naturally, the use of anesthesia and the surgery itself is a risk that not every man agrees to take.

Penis enlargement result

This type of surgery is low risk if performed by an experienced surgeon, a specialist in standard surgery and a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

"This surgery will not harm either the man's erection or his ability to conceive. "After the operation, a small, almost invisible scar remains and, as a rule, within a week at most the patient can return to professional activities. However, during the first three weeks after penis enlargement surgery, strenuous physical activity should be avoided, especially in the case of penis enlargement surgery. To achieve the desired result, five weeks of sexual abstinence are also required. Thanks to this intervention, the external attractiveness of a man increases in terms of such an important sexual characteristic and, in addition, helps to strengthen self-confidence.

Penis enlargement using modern and gentle surgical methods

Size doesn't always matter

Not only size is decisive when a man opts for surgery. First and foremost are a satisfactory intimate life and good health. If there is neither one nor the other, mental disorders may arise, an inferiority complex may arise, up to the appearance of impotence. The intimate sensations themselves are decisive. A man's state of mind when thinking about the size of his penis is similar to what a woman experiences when it comes to the size of her breasts. An essential basis for decision-making in each individual case is detailed consultation.

Stretching technique

Over the past 15 years, the results and techniques of penile lengthening surgery have continued to evolve and become simpler. As with most other surgical operations, a gentle technique is now used in this area; The operation is performed under local anesthesia, under light anesthesia or under mild mask anesthesia, depending on the degree of penis enlargement.

During surgery, the anterior retaining ligament between the shaft of the penis and the pubic bone is released, causing the part of the shaft of the penis that was located inside to move outwards. The degree of stretching depends, on the one hand, on the initial length, on the other hand, on the individual properties of the penis tissue, as well as the amount of curvature of the penis shaft located inside it. The increase in length is usually two to five centimeters.

Thickening technique

Penis thickening is done with hyaluronic acid or with the fat itself. The latter method has been used for many years. In this case, your own fat is carefully inserted between the skin of the penis and its shaft with a thin, hollow needle. First, sterile preparation of the fat is necessary, during which the liquid and adipose cells are separated to obtain the most concentrated adipose tissue. It is usually possible to achieve an increase in volume of two to three centimeters. In this case, the aesthetic side of the final result in the relationship between the length and thickness of the penis is necessarily taken into account.

Penis enlargement cost

The costs associated with penis enlargement surgery can vary greatly. The basis for this is the method that will be chosen for the operation, and the price will vary depending on the method. Penis enlargement is a relatively inexpensive option because the treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and no hospital stay is required.