How To Increase Penis Thickness At Home And By Surgical Methods

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Soda should not be considered a panacea. It will not be possible to obtain super results. In fact, some have managed to enlarge their organ. In combination with special exercises, more stable results are observed than with just the use of soda.

The presence of active inflammatory processes in the body negatively affects the duration and stability of an erection. Therefore, the improvement of intimate health must be carried out in a complex.

It's possible to get a temporary result, but it's worth risking your health and experimenting. Rubbing on baking soda can cause skin damage, ulceration and burns.

According to sexologists, problems in bed are not associated with small size, but with health and the art of using the "tool".

Is penis enlargement at home real or a myth?

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If you want to enlarge your penis immediately before intercourse, several tools will help you. The safest are topical ointments and gels. They will improve the erection and enlarge the penis.

Instant penis enlargement can also be achieved with special pills. They must be drunk a few minutes before intimacy. Remember that there are many contraindications to its use!

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Regular and careful methods of influencing the penis can have a lasting effect without harming your health. Please be patient while waiting for the result! Be healthy and sexy!

A small penis doesn't suit everyone, and you shouldn't just think of this problem as "inability to use". You shouldn't ask anyone about penis enlargement at home - most are skeptical of this type of endeavor. However, skepticism is in vain - scientific progress leads to the emergence of increasingly effective ways and methods to enlarge the penis at home.

Exercises to Increase Penis Length

Kegel (forced erection)

Having treated the penis with cream or lubricant, it is necessary to bring it to an erection state by means of vertical forward movements and a gradual increase in speed with two fingers, before the beginning of which it is necessary to squeeze the base of the penis by one minute.

"Jelqing" (pull movements and their varieties)

Active retraction of the penis into an erect and non-erect state occurs due to pressure and elongation of the glans. The penis fully extended should be held for up to 15 seconds. After releasing, repeat the exercise. The number of these "milkings" in five minutes should reach 100 times.


You need to slowly stretch the relaxed, non-erect penis for 15 seconds 10 times. This stretch should be done in various positions: the buttocks, the pubis, with 360˚ turns, pendulum, inner stretch, double stretch, V stretch, A stretch, etc.


Herbs are considered to be one of the broadest categories of natural products that can be used to treat a variety of health problems, including those of a sexual nature.

The herbal medicine is very useful as it contains only natural and harmless ingredients, in addition, the herbs do not cause side effects. Herbal supplements for penis enlargement are found in gels, massage oils, capsules and pills. Ayurvedic doctors recommend combining these herbal supplements with exercises for male dignity. "Healers" believe that to increase the size of the penis, it is necessary to drink tinctures of hawthorn, mountain goat weed, tribullus, ginkgo leaves, Korean ginseng, catuaba.

Reasons for a morning penis erection

Penis enlargement causes a lot of blood to flow. This condition can be caused by several reasons.

a lot of urine in the bladder

This can be explained not only by excessive intake of fluids before bedtime, but also by completely physiological processes in the body. The kidneys work hard at night, the blood is continually purified of waste products. If during the day men have the opportunity to remove urine frequently and prevent the bladder from filling up completely, then, during sleep, the pause to urinate exceeds eight hours. In addition to the bladder, all the pelvic organs are also filled with biological fluid. As a result, pressure in the capsules increases, which causes a feeling of excitement.

In the morning, the bladder exerts a mechanical effect on the prostate and seminal vesicles. Even though the vas deferens are completely free (people have sex at night), the genitals instinctively fill with blood. As a result - a really powerful penis erection.


During sleep, the body is in a horizontal position, all the muscles relax, including the blood vessel muscles. This is necessary to lighten the burden on the heart, to give you the opportunity to rest for a while. The larger the diameter of the blood vessels, the less pressure is needed to pump blood. A whole complex of reactions and hormonal changes takes place in the body, with the aim of creating the most favorable conditions for full recovery.

In the morning, the man rises abruptly from bed to an upright position, blood pressure rises. At the same time, blood vessel muscles wake up, to quickly normalize blood circulation, significantly reduce its diameter. All body tissues during sleep overflow with blood, it is a completely physiological process. Upon awakening, the excess blood cannot leave them quickly due to the narrowing of the vessel lumen. As doctors suggest, this is another possible reason for the appearance of a morning erection. The blood-filled penis increases in size and becomes hard. Very similar processes in the morning are observed in other organs, only they are located inside the person and their alterations are invisible. Also, they have no physiological problems with blood flow. The penis is out, all changes in its position are clearly visible.

A sudden change in the vascular-hormonal background

Nature predicted maximum hormone activity in the morning. Three of them affect erection: testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone. Two of those listed are stress hormones and they dramatically activate all of the body's internal processes. Due to this reaction, people adapt to new situations much more quickly, the body better resists emerging threats. Such organism behavior on a subconscious level is the result of evolution, only the most protected species have any hope of surviving.

Cortisol in men

Stress has several reactions, one of which is a marked decrease in the diameter of blood vessels. In this way, the body prepares for possible tissue damage and minimizes blood loss from open wounds. Norepinephrine and adrenaline are released, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. The increased concentration of hormones ensures a faster and safer transition from sleep to active life. You should know that when examining patients in polyclinics, the amount of various hormones is measured precisely in the morning. Associated with this phenomenon is the requirement to prepare biological tests immediately after waking up, before eating. The samples obtained at this time allow doctors to discover the real state of the entire organism. In our case, vasoconstriction becomes the cause of an erection, it happens out of man's desire and is explained by hormonal reasons.

High Testosterone Levels

It is this hormone that affects the libido and, in the morning, its concentration also increases. A high libido naturally becomes the cause of a penile erection.

You should know that children conceived at this time are the healthiest and most mentally developed. The fact is that at dawn the body has not been negatively affected: men do not drink alcohol at night and do not smoke, do not breathe city smog and do not have nervous stress. All of these factors have an extremely negative impact on the newborn's health.

Lack of erection in the morning is not a phrase!

if morning erection
not watched for several days - you shouldn't panic. But if she hasn't done it for several months, you should definitely get in touch with a urologist. Lack of morning erection can be a sign of the development of certain diseases. But before diagnosing any illness, you need to find out which of the reasons led to the disappearance of the morning erection.

The reasons can be of two types:

  1. Psychological. . . When eliminated, the erection returns quickly and easily.
  2. Physical.It is caused by disturbances in the body. But these changes are not always signs of serious illness.

Problems that lead to the appearance of a mental reason for the disappearance of the morning erection:

Problems that lead to the appearance of physical reasons for the disappearance of morning erection:

  1. Body changes associated with aging. . . But that's not the worst problem! Morning excitement can be restored by following a healthy lifestyle. In that case, don't forget to carefully monitor your health!
  2. Diseases of the genitourinary system.The doctor will help make an accurate diagnosis, he will also prescribe the treatment. Once the focus of inflammation can be suppressed, the man can again enjoy morning erections.
  3. Hormonal disturbances.How severe the condition is, the tests and tests will show. But you shouldn't be upset - this also works and usually heals quickly!
  4. sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. . . To establish an accurate diagnosis, you will need to pass a dozen tests. Once they are ready, the doctor will prescribe the treatment. It may take several months to recover, but after that, the morning erection will return again.
  5. Heart and blood vessel diseases:heart failure, ischemic disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis. To establish which of these diseases caused the disappearance of the morning erection, it is necessary to do an exam: do a cardiogram of the heart, draw blood, urine, do biochemical tests, do other studies that the doctor will indicate. It is impossible to cure most of these illnesses, but there is also no need to give up on yourself. With observance of the daily regimen, nutrition, and regular intake of appropriate medications, erection returns for most patients.
  6. Bad habits: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes.To rejoice with your morning erection, you just need to give them up.
  7. Certain medications.Antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, diuretics and a few others can cause this. If a man takes any pills, he needs to contact the doctor who prescribed them to find analogues that will not affect his erection.

How to train to increase penis thickness?

consultation with a doctor about penis enlargement methods

Your doctor will help you choose the most suitable types of exercises for penis enlargement.

Here are some effective penis thickening exercises. Each of them is performed on a partially erect penis. Then:

the man looks at the size of the penis
  1. Flexion. The penis is held with the left hand and flexed in different directions with the right. Exercise time should be up to 5 minutes for beginners. Flexion makes it possible to strengthen the body of the penis, that is, its cavernous bodies, which are the cartilage tissue. The manifestation of pain, swelling, heartbeat should be avoided. Mild pain may be felt immediately after training and during the recovery period, which is normal.
  2. Improve blood circulation. It is necessary to grasp the penis at the base with a "ring" grip, and with the other hand perform the penile rotation movements. You need to do these simple circular movements every day, 20 times in each direction. At the same time, it is imperative to squeeze the penis well into the base, which will avoid painful sensations during the performance.
  3. Fixation. It is considered one of the best exercises to increase the thickness of the penis. The very name of the practice translates as "capture". To perform the exercise, you will need a special device that is attached to the base of the penis, squeezing it. After the forceps is removed, the blood flow to the corpus cavernosum becomes twice as great, which has a positive effect on the organ's thickness.

It is advisable to consult an andrologist or urologist - a specialist will be able to recommend which exercises to enlarge the penis will be useful in a particular case.

Matrix installation

In surgery, penis enlargement surgery refers to interventions that are performed only if indicated. Some doctors refuse to perform an operation on men with normal-sized penises because possible complications can interrupt sexual activity.

Surgical head augmentation is based on the placement of a special implant. It is called the matrix and is placed directly under the skin of the glans. The intervention itself is dangerous, is performed under general anesthesia and requires a highly qualified physician.

Disadvantages of surgery:

  • risk of rejection by the matrix,
  • violation of the sensitivity of the head,
  • complete lack of response to head stimulation,
  • inflammatory diseases.

Improper installation of the matrix is dangerous due to sensitivity violation. This leads to the development of impotence, as the penis simply cannot respond to stimulation during intercourse.

Also, the operation requires a long recovery. Rehabilitation lasts about a month and a half, during which the man must comply with the rules, in particular, to prevent the occurrence of an erection.

The matrix placed under the skin is a foreign element that may not be accepted by the body. In this case, rejection occurs, which is accompanied by specific symptoms.

stretching techniques

The stretching method is based on vigorous action on the organ. To enlarge the penis, you must follow the algorithm:

  • grab his head,
  • get away from the body,
  • lock in an extended position for 5 seconds,
  • pull to the right until a slight pain appears,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull to the left, hold for 5 seconds,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull down, hold for 5 seconds,
  • return to starting position,
  • pull down, hold for 5 seconds.
stretching technique for penis enlargement

Important: exercise is accompanied by mild pain, general discomfort is excluded. Regular and correct stretching, acts on the corpora cavernosa within the organ, contributing to the increase in length

During the procedure, the penis is relaxed. When capturing the head, the foreskin is gently pulled back. The exercise is performed in a sitting position.

Regular and correct stretching acts on the corpora cavernosa inside the organ, contributing to the increase in length. During the procedure, the penis is relaxed. When capturing the head, the foreskin is gently pulled back. The exercise is performed in a sitting position.

circular stretch

The penis is pulled forward for 5 seconds and upward while the person performs a clockwise circular motion. The same action is repeated for each side. Regular stretching for 25 sets increases organ size.

Important: after stretching, the organ needs a slight shake. This action normalizes blood circulation

sitting stretch

Exercise is performed with an excited limb, the level of erection should not exceed 40%. The penis is gently pulled towards the buttocks and the man sits on it. The technique increases the pressure inside the corpora cavernosa. Correct exposure changes the dimensions of the genital organ.

how to correctly lengthen the penis to enlarge


The penis must be completely relaxed. The head is grasped with the thumb and forefinger. The organ is stretched to the maximum of the body for no more than 7 seconds. Simultaneously with this action, it is necessary to squeeze the base with a slow movement of the hand from the bottom to the top. The exercise is repeated a maximum of 10 times.

Nutrition to Enlarge the Penis

It is noteworthy, but it is an adequate diet that contributes to the increase in organ size. Some foods increase blood circulation, which leads to a change in the volume of the phallus. You can eliminate harmful foods at any age. There are no restrictions on this subject.

For natural organ enlargement, experts recommend the use of:

  • Vitamins. Balanced complexes have a beneficial effect on the human body, strengthening its protective functions. To compensate for the deficiency of useful components, it is necessary to use vegetables. It contains folic acid, vitamin K and copper. Without these components, normal functioning of organs and systems is impossible. Doctors recommend including vegetables, fruits and nuts in your daily diet. For a growing organism, cherries are needed. The berry contains the active ingredient anthocyanin, which regulates blood circulation, which has a positive effect on erectile function.
  • Protein-rich foods. To increase the size of the penis and support the immune system, it is advisable to eat lean meats.
  • Fishing products. Rich in phosphorus, this component helps to increase the length of the penis. Seafood should be part of a person's daily diet. Additional components of fish products are omega-3 acids, they support body development and are found in oily fish.
  • Seeds. They are based on arginine. It is an amino acid responsible for the development of organs and systems, including the penis.
  • Garlic. Spicy spice fans pride themselves on persistent erections and the impressive size of the phallus. Garlic contains the allicin component. It responds to the body's energy reserves and promotes blood acceleration.
  • Green apples. Fruit is ideal for increasing penis size. It contains useful components that regulate the development of the reproductive system. Eating apples boosts immunity.
  • Milk derivatives. To increase the size of the penis, it is advisable to use yogurt, kefir and cream cheese paste.

A man's diet must be complete and varied. In addition, it is necessary to establish an alcohol consumption regime. Adequate amount of fluid increases tissue elasticity, which helps in the lengthening process of the organ.

Jelqing - A Technique to Increase Male Dignity

Jelqing is a special exercise that is similar to milking a limb. During jelqing, the erection should be incomplete - about 70%. The effect is obtained by improving blood circulation in the genital organ.

Exercises #1

  • Before exercise, the penis must be warmed up, so they heat the salt in a pan, pour it on a towel and apply it to different sides of the penis;
  • Lubrication is applied to the excited limb;
  • Then the penis is wrapped with 2 fingers in a ring, which is carefully lifted up and down, stretching the penis;
  • At least 40 of these movements should be performed each day, gradually increasing them to 200.

Exercise number 2

  • The palm of the hand is compressed for about 10 minutes;
  • If it doesn't fit in your palm, use both;
  • By squeezing the penis, it is pulled in different directions;
  • This exercise is done with some effort, but it should be painless.

This technology-subjected penis elongation is very successful. Regular practice of these exercises will help to increase your manhood by up to 2 centimeters.

before and after methods for penis enlargement

There are 3 types of jelqing:

  • Wet. Before doing the exercises, the penis is kneaded under warm running water with a towel. They wrap a towel around the penis and keep it under water pressure, in which case the blood flows to it;
  • Wet with grease. In this case, exercise #1 above is performed using any intimate gel;
  • Dry. In this case, the penis is grasped with all fingers, not two. It is recommended to use this technique in the morning when testosterone levels are high.

Penis Enlargement With Weights

Many men think that only surgeons can help with a problem as delicate as genital organ enlargement. It is not necessary to resort to surgery as you can increase the length of the penis at home by hanging weights. This technique, like jelqing, is also very effective. But you must be careful with the weights so as not to hurt your genitals. With the help of weights, the tissue of the penis is pulled as follows:

  • The penis is heated with massage movements;
  • An adhesive plaster is glued below the head, to which the cord is attached;
  • A load is hung on a rope;
  • In the first steps, the weight should be light, not maintained for more than 30 minutes. Thereafter, both the amount of time and the weight of the charge increase.

If the head starts to go numb, the load is too heavy and must be reduced immediately.

How is the procedure going?

Penile contouring is performed on an outpatient basis. The patient does not need general anesthesia; local anesthesia is often used. Sometimes penis enlargement disappears without anesthetic drugs, but in this case the procedure is painful for the patient.

Stepwise Penis Correction:

The doctor treats the groin area with an antiseptic solution, covers it with a sterile disposable diaper. Anesthetize the area of administration of the hyaluronic injection with an anesthetic gel, cream. After 10-15 minutes, he takes the required filling dose and gives an injection. It must be introduced slowly.

penis size correction

It is very important to distribute the filling evenly over the penis (on the glans, base and/or body of the penis), keeping the glans and trunk in proportion. To do this, it is necessary to slowly cut the surface of the phallus from different sides (if the plastic contour does not allow for the elimination of curvatures). A plaster is applied to the punch area.

The entire procedure takes an average of half an hour to an hour.

Increasing the level of male strength by taking drugs from the pharmacy

There is no need for further clarification on how to increase male strength through the use of pharmaceuticals, as they are almost always available in the form of ointments or pills. Medicines that increase the level of male attraction, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, can provide the following indicators:

  • the effect begins to actively manifest itself 20 or 30 minutes after taking the drug;
  • the drug allows the man to remain active in bed for several hours;
  • many medications not only act on the male body quickly, but also have virtually no contraindications;
  • for the drug to give a result of one hundred percent, it must be taken shortly before intercourse.

When buying pills to strengthen men at the pharmacy, the stronger sex must remember that many of them negatively affect the heart.

A simpler and safer option to increase male strength is presented in the pharmacological group of ointments and creams. These funds have a vasodilating effect, which allows blood to flow smoothly to the genitals.