We will learn how to enlarge your penis at home: simple exercises

a man examines a limb and wants to increase it

The penis is a receptive organ. You can downsize it in two months.

Does this information surprise you? To do this, simply use narrow-diameter means of sexual satisfaction: be it a girl or a tightly clasped hand.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis? If you can reduce it, then, of course, you can increase it!

The male penis grows up to 20 years old. You need to start worrying only when you reach maturity. You can harm your health and injure your organ if you use penis enlargement methods earlier.

First, you need to decide on your average penis size to be critical of yours.

The average penis size is 13-16 centimeters in length and 3 in diameter for the Caucasian race.

If your warrior's size fits this structure, you should think carefully before proceeding with the procedures outlined below.

How to enlarge your penis at home?

So how to enlarge your penis at home? The most effective methods are:

  • jelqing;
  • massages;
  • extenders;
  • stretching by loads;
  • gels, medicines, vacuum pumps, which are less effective, used in combination with basic techniques.

The most important thing to know early in your penis enlargement training is that you won't get immediate results. And besides, after taking regular training, you can lose all the achievements gained in persistently building your own self-esteem.

Let's consider how to enlarge the penis at home and what the known techniques are based on.

Jelqing. How it works?

The principle of increasing the phallic centimeters using jelqing is universal to all methods of massaging this subtle sphere. It is based on the lengthening of the corpora cavernosa, which are the structure of the penis. By increasing their diameter, we increase the volume of blood that fills them during an erection. And that, in turn, means an increase in the size of Her Majesty's own penis.

Jelqing. Exercise 1

How to enlarge your penis at home using jelqing? First, the corpora cavernosa need to be heated to increase their elasticity. To do this, you need to heat table salt or any cereal in a pan. Pour the contents of the pan into a sock (clear, clean and dry, not the one currently on one leg), apply directly to the penis. We should try to heat the entire surface of the penis, evenly distributing the contents of the makeshift thermal pad.

After that, we start milking - this is how the word "jelqing" is translated. First, imagine something spicy that might wake up our hero. You shouldn't be jealous: we only need a 40-50 percent erection. This is necessary for the partial filling of the cavernous structures with blood, from which they will stretch during the mechanical action on the penis.

We then treat the penis with any lubricant to reduce the irritating effect on your delicate skin.

Now, grasping it at the base with fingers bent into a tight ring, with the same "ring" we move the blood to the head, making a stretching movement along the penis. The compression density of the fingers is determined individually, based on the sensations: there should be no pain, but the tension should be high. Movement should be slow (up to 35 seconds), with a slight downward pull. We don't touch the head. We repeated the exercise.

The direction of movement must be changed: down, left, right, up.

It is best to limit the duration of the procedure for the first time to 40-50 stretches. In the future, it is recommended to increase their number to two or three hundred. Representatives of the stronger sex who have become masters of jelqing are entitled to five hundred exercises a day!

Exercise 2

This exercise stretches the corpora cavernosa by increasing pressure. To do this, we hold the penis with the entire surface of the palm, squeeze, hold it for at least ten seconds. If the palm of the hand does not cover the entire surface of the "hero", the use of the second is allowed. We tighten without fanaticism, so as not to injure blood vessels and cavernous structures. We withdraw the limb in the directions described above.

With the correct procedure and regular jelqing exercises, the result can surprise even the owner of the enlarged penis. You can expect a minimum growth of 2 centimeters in a month of classes. The combination with other techniques increases the effectiveness of the event.

How To Enlarge Your Penis With An Extender

One of the most effective ways to enlarge your penis is to wear a device with a mind-boggling name "extender".

It looks like two rings connected by metal or plastic slide bars. Fixing the member with a ring at the base, with the other on the head of the "fighter", periodically increasing the distance between them increasing the length of the rods, we use it constantly for a month. Due to the lightness and small size of the extender, its use does not cause discomfort. We remove, induce an erection, measure. The results are tangible: from three centimeters of increase in length. We fix it, keep going.

Extend. operating principle

How to enlarge your penis at home with an extender? The stretched limb between the rings makes its structure stretch, and also causes increased tissue growth, as the body seeks to get rid of the uncomfortable tension by it, initiating cell growth to compensate for the deficient tissues. Ingenious is simple.

The difference between penis enlargement with an extender and all other methods is a guaranteed and lasting result. That is, the powerful dimensions of the "hero" will remain forever.

There are several types of extenders:

  • vacuum;
  • waist;
  • looped.

Vacuum and belt extenders are considered the most convenient to carry, while loop extenders are more popular due to their lower cost, despite some inconveniences. Each ruler of the phallus chooses for himself how to enlarge the penis, based on his own conclusions. You can buy these useful devices from online stores as well as any sex shop in the country.

Same principle but free

Based on the same principle, lengthening the penis by weights suspended from the penis works. Effectiveness is not as high due to activities more rarely performed than with an extender.

On the head of the penis, it is necessary to fix a wide strip of adhesive tape with a well-fixed cord. A load is tied at the end of the lace: at first it is small, increasing with time and with the number of procedures. The event is best performed in a seated position, no longer than fifteen minutes for the first session. Afterwards, the duration of the exercises and the severity of the load are gradually increased. And don't let your head go numb! Periodically remove the tape, allowing your little friend to rest.

Penis enlargement through drugs, gels and ointments

It's real? How can you enlarge your penis with an ointment? In general, not at all. Its principle of action is extremely primitive: increased blood flow to the genitals. It doesn't last more than two hours, with some exceptions. This does not bring an increase for an unstretched limb.

And with drugs that are slightly more effective than gels, you need to be on your toes. They are based on hormones. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Also, these drugs can lead to hypersexuality. It's not bad in and of itself, but in the context of a hormonal disorder it can be very uncomfortable.