Grandfather's Method to Enlarge Your Penis: How to Make Your Penis Bigger

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How does the old way to enlarge your penis work? It's no secret that massaging the male genital organ allows you to increase length and thickness. However, how to carry out the old way of enlarging the penis as efficiently as possible and without injuries? Currently, there are many techniques that aim to increase the parameters of the male member. Of course, the representatives of the stronger half of humanity prefer to stick to time-tested options. This includes massage techniques, the action of which allows to increase the length and thickness of the phallus.

What do you need to know about massage for men?

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The best known massage techniques for enlarging a man's penis originate in the Arab countries (jelqing). The secrets to effectively lengthen and thicken the phallus have been handed down from generation to generation. Therefore, jelqing is still actively used. During exercise, the tissues of the phallus receive microtrauma. In its place, new ones appear, and in greater quantity, which contributes to the penis enlargement. There is also an improvement in blood flow and filling of the corpora cavernosa.

A parallel can be drawn with going to the gym. For example, going to the gym is necessary to increase muscle mass. With each new visit to the simulator, we create loads for our muscles that are necessary to keep them in good shape and develop new tissue. Something similar is observed when performing penile massage.

As for the effectiveness of grandfather's penis enlargement method, then everything is individual. Unfortunately, massage techniques don't allow you to make your penis look bigger in a matter of weeks. As practice shows, with the right approach, a remarkable result is achieved in six months. Therefore, men often refuse to perform the penis enlargement technique after several weeks or months, as they are not satisfied with the slow growth rate of the penis parameters.

Grandfather Penis Enlargement Method: Where To Start?

As with any exercise, you should start by warming up. Warming the penis minimizes the likelihood of injury. Therefore, before starting the massage technique, one should take a hot bath and then wrap the penis in a cloth moistened with warm water for 5 minutes. This manipulation will relax the cells of the male organ.

In this case, it should be noted that the water temperature should not cause discomfort. Some men prefer to dip the phallus into a container of warm water, thus replacing the compress with a towel. A relaxed, soft penis will be an indicator of successful preparation.

How to increase a member by the old method

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After warming up, they begin to do exercises that resemble a peculiar technique of "milking" the male genital organ. It is important to monitor the degree of erection, which should be at the 50-70% level. At low rates, the effectiveness of the technique will be close to zero, and at high rates, only the volume will increase. It is also not recommended to start exercising immediately after ejaculation due to decreased levels of testosterone in the body.

How To Do Penis Enlargement Exercises:

  • having reached the required level of erection, the skin of the phallus is lubricated with an intimate gel or cream produced in a natural base, which will prevent the appearance of lesions;
  • the penis is wrapped around the index finger and thumb at the base in a ring;
  • the ring obtained from the fingers is compressed and brought to the head in 4-6 seconds;
  • at this moment, the penis is elongated, which in the elongated state will be perpendicular to the pubis (parallel to the floor, if the exercises are performed standing up);
  • when the grip, for example, of the fingers of the right hand is on the head, the base of the phallus is intercepted with the fingers of the free hand and the manipulation is repeated (a complete cycle is obtained).

The alternate work of the hands must be symmetrical with equal pressure on the trunk of the phallus, which will exclude the likelihood of developing curvatures and asymmetries. If, during exercise, the level of erection starts to increase drastically, it is recommended to take a short break until the arousal drops to the required level.

Frequency of exercises for penis growth:

  • in the first month, 100 cycles per training are performed, the degree of circumference with the fingers is light, breaks are organized every two days;
  • in the next three months, up to 200 cycles are performed per training, the degree of circumference with the fingers is medium, breaks are organized every three days;
  • after four months, it is performed from 200 cycles per training, the degree of circumference with the fingers becomes strong enough (no pain), breaks are organized every three or four days.

Men's Reviews on Grandfather's Way to Enlarge His Penis

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According to the reviews of men who have decided to try the grandfather's method of penis enlargement, patience is needed, as the result of this technique will not be felt quickly. To improve the effect, they recommend using a penis male enhancement cream gel that does not contain synthetic additives. Its use will create a favorable environment in the tissues of the phallus and prepare them for proper growth.

Of course, Grandpa's penis enlargement method can't be called ultra-fast, but its popularity is still direct proof that it really works. In the case of using a male cream gel, according to reviews, there is a significant increase in the effectiveness of the massage technique.

Men also emphasize that the above exercises not only affect the thickness and length of the penis, but also significantly improve the quality of sex life.